Daedal Research has created a name for itself as one of the leading global knowledge service providers of choice. We offer a blend of the best strategic consulting and market research solutions, which promise data rich, cost effective, and highly insightful analysis to help our clients with perfect answers to their important business queries.

We are a research and consulting firm specialized in providing research reports and customized business research and analysis. Our success parameter is very simple - impact of our services on our clients' business.

Daedal Research is the final destination to all businesses problems covering business intelligence, research and analytics.

Daedal Research defines its expertise through accurate, succinct answers to the most important market research questions of its client as they look to:

  • Develop an understanding of a specific industry in a specific region or country
  • Venture in new markets
  • Introduce or enhance product line
  • Make acquisitions and strategic investments
  • Evaluate competitive positioning
  • Assess customer experience and brand health